Sunday, November 20, 2011

Children in Need 2011

On Friday, Andy went to sell World of Sweets cupcakes at BBC to raise money for Children In Need. I made four different cupcakes, lemon & poppy seed, cherry & almond, chestnut & walnut, and rose & pistachio. They were all dressed up with pretty icing on top and line up nicely. :)

About a half way through of the day, I got an update from Andy... apparently the cupcakes were half gone! That did put a smile on my face. And not only that... by the end of the day, 64 cupcakes were all gone! Sold out! Yey, that really did make me happy. ;)

Thanks to everyone who bought my cake. All the sales were donated to Children In Need.

I'll share recipes for those cupcake soon:)

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