Friday, November 29, 2013

Caramelised apple & pumpkin crumble cake

This time of year all those nice autumn winter vegetables and fruits gives me a lot of inspirations to my baking. And I love it!

So, the other day our neighbour gave us some apples from her garden and I also had a pumpkin sitting in the kitchen for a while, so I decided to make a variation of my apple crumble cake. :D

First I caramelised the diced apple and pumpkin together, then the rest was pretty much the same as the apple crumble cake. (I replaced the apple confiture to the caramelised apple and pumpkin.)

Oh, I love using pumpkins in my cakes and breads!

The nice bits of apple and pumpkin, soft and light sponge, and the sweet crumble... it cannot go wrong.

It's really a perfect comfort cake on a cold gloomy day... ;)

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