Saturday, July 14, 2012

お食い初め (Okuizome)

Today we had Lana's 100 days party called "お食い初め (Okuizome)" which is a Japanese tradition where we prepared a special "first meal" for Lana to wish her food in abundance and in the hope that she will never go hungry for the rest of her life.

Usually there is a grilled whole fish on the menu but I couldn't get one so I baked a "fake fish"for her... Fish-shaped brioche. Well, I did cook those Japanese dishes but I'm a baker after all... I couldn't help baking something for my girl! :D

Obviously, being only 100 days old Lana can't eat them yet... so we had them for her. Yum yum yum... ラナ、ごちそうさま。

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